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Honors in Practice, Volume 15, 2019


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In spring 2018, two honors colleges—Indiana State University (ISU) and University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout)— came together to create a cross-institutional collaboration blurring the boundaries between campuses. This project connected first-year honors students with the core curriculum of two geographically separated honors colleges. Building on their studies of Classical mythology, ISU honors students in Classical Cultures of Greece and Rome reviewed, advised, and critiqued screenplays composed by UW-Stout students in Honors English, leading to the production of short films presented at ISU’s Spring Classics Fest and UW-Stout’s 4:51 Short Film Festival and Exhibition. Drawing on our NCHC 2018 panel presentation in Boston, this illustrated paper highlights the value of cross-institutional collaborations for honors students, teachers, and programs. The collaborative process advanced skills in critical reading, analysis, and writing; engaged students and teachers in the scholarship of teaching and learning; and contributed to curricular innovation. Examples of assignments, interim results, and student-created short films are featured along with students’ assessments of the value of crossing campus boundaries.