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Honors in Practice is a Publication of the National Collegiate Honors Council. Journal Editor Ada Long, University of Alabama at Birmingham


2019 PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS-- Radical Honors: Pedagogical Troublemaking as a Model for Institutional Change Richard Badenhausen

ESSAYS-- Music in the Holocaust as an Honors Colloquium Galit Gertsenzon

Brave New Worlds: Transcending the Humanities/STEM Divide through Creative Writing Adam Watkins and Zahra Tehrani

Humanities-Driven STEM—Using History as a Foundation for STEM Education in Honors John Carrell, Hannah Keaty, and Aliza Wong

Best Practices in Honors Pedagogy: Teaching Innovation and Community Engagement through Design Thinking Beth H. Chaney, Tim W. Christensen, Alleah Crawford, Katherine Ford, W. Wayne Godwin, Gerald Weckesser, Todd Fraley, and Phoenix Little

Teaching Critical University Studies: A First-Year Seminar to Cultivate Intentional Learners Elizabeth Bleicher

A Potential for Improving Honors Retention with Degree Planning Teddi S. Deka

A Meaningful and Useful Twofer: Enhancing Honors Students’ Research Experiences While Gathering Assessment Data Mary Scheuer Senter

Statistics: A Cautionary Tale Len Zane

Contracts for Honors Credit: Balancing Access, Equity, and Opportunities for Authentic Learning Patrick Bahls

BRIEF IDEAS ABOUT WHAT WORKS IN HONORS-- Authors: Brent M. Blackwell; Jeffrey Lamp and John Korstad; Kate Krueger; J. Robert Baker; Cathlena Martin; Ashleen Williams; John Zubizarreta; Steve Elliott-Gower; Anne Dotter; Kelsey L. Bennett and Nicole Becwar; Gary H. Bischof, Alexander J. Hamilton, and Adrian J. Hernandez; Jason T. Hilton; Steve Garrison and Cody Parish; L. Benjamin Boyar; and Andrew Martino.