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Honors in Practice, 2022, Vol. 18: 164–66


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Authors describe how a summer respite introduces alternative ways and spaces in which to work, positing how collaborative discourse and dismantled hierarchies can affect positive change and productive outcomes for honors programs.

While some assume that the summer is our off-season, the team at the Sokolov Honors College at Youngstown State University knows that it is the time we have to be most “on,” tackling all that we don’t get to do in the semester and positioning us for a strong start to the upcoming fall. Summer 2021 seemed particularly daunting with a laundry list of items to catch up on and big projects to move forward. Through collaboration among staff and students, along with embracing creative ways to work, the honors college reached a new level of accomplishment. Rather than holing up in our individual offices trying to divide and conquer, we took a new approach: we set up shop in our honors classroom together, forgoing desks behind doors for laptops and constructive conversation. On nice days, we took our show on the road (or to the porch), continuing our collaboration by walking around campus or sitting outside in the sun.