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Published in Honors in Practice, volume 3. Copyright 2007 National Collegiate Honors Council.


Many of us involved in honors programs and colleges assume that honors housing plays an important role in creating an honors community on campus. Some of the institutions for which we work agree and do not necessarily insist that we make the case for honors housing on campus. However, my experience this past year in attempting to bring honors housing to my campus for the second time in three years indicates that those who are involved in the decision-making process do not necessarily support honors housing. This article concerns the methods I used as Director of the University Honors Program at Southern Polytechnic State University, a small university just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, to bring honors housing back to campus after a private housing operation was given control over all campus housing. My hope is that this information will be useful in two ways: 1) documenting the roles of honors housing in honors programs, and 2) helping others who wish to bring honors housing to a campus find the support necessary to do so.