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Published in Honors in Practice, volume 5. Copyright 2009 National Collegiate Honors Council.


Table of Contents:

Editorial Policy

Submission Guidelines

Dedication to Earl and Maggie Brown

Editor’s Introduction by Ada Long

Stability in the Context of Change by Hallie E. Savage

Ending in Honors by Samuel Schuman

People Who Think Otherwise by Kevin Donovan

Implementing Honors Faculty Status: An Adventure in Academic Politics by Jesse Peters

Building an Honors Development Board by Scott Carnicom and Philip M. Mathis

Honors Ex Machina: Changing Perceptions of Honors through Horizontal Integration, A Case Study by Timothy L. Hulsey

Separate but Equal: Will it Work for Professional Honors Programs? by Beata M. Jones and Peggy W. Watson

Combining Chemistry and College Writing: A New Model for an Honors Undergraduate Chemistry Course by Donna Chamely-Wiik, Jeffrey R. Galin, Krista Kasdorf, and Jerome E. Haky

Bridging the Divides: Using a Collaborative Honors Research Experience to Link Academic Learning to Civic Issues by Alix D. Dowling Fink and M. Leigh Lunsford

Enhancing Environmental Literacy and Global Learning among Honors Students by Liza Davis

Writing War: The Memorial Design Project by Janine Utell

Paths to Knowledge as a Foundational Course in an Honors Program by Mark F. Vitha, Arthur Sanders, Colin Cairns, David Skidmore, Clive Elliott, and William Lewis

An Honors Director’s Credo by Angela M. Salas

Networking an Honors Community out of Fragmentation by Karlyn Koh, John Chaffee, and Edward Goodman

Honors Ambassadors: A Framework for Enhancing Student and Program Development by Kristy Burton, Erin Wheeler McKenzie, and Patrick Damo

The Role of Peer Leaders in an Honors Freshman Experience Course by Melissa L. Johnson

Honors Living-Learning Communities: A Model of Success and Collaboration by Eric Daffron and Christopher J. Holland

Honoring Experiential Education by Debra K. Holman, Tony R. Smith, and Evan C. Welch

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