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2nd Edition Published in 2010 by National Collegiate Honors Council, Lincoln, NE 68588-0627. ISBN 978-0-9825207-5-8


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Dedication and Acknowledgments

Preface to the Second Edition Ada Long and Bernice Braid

Introduction Bernice Braid

Honors Semesters: Anatomy of Active Learning William Daniel

Honors Semesters: An Architecture of Active Learning Bernice Braid

Internal Assessment of Honors Semesters Ann Raia

External Evaluation of Honors Semesters Ada Long

Student Perspectives on Honors Semesters Elizabeth Beck

Other Structural Models of Active Learning

City as Text™ Bernice Braid

Faculty Institutes William Daniel

Summer High School Field Experiences Bernice Braid

Sleeping Bag Seminars Joan Digby

College Recruitment Exercises Bernadette Low

Orientation Exercises Bernadette Low

Professional Development Exercises Bernadette Low

Other Courses Bernadette Low

Partners in the Parks Joan Digby

Public Products of Personal Discoveries Ada Long

An Example of Active Learning in the College Classroom Shirley Forbes Thomas

Active Learning in a National Context

Honors Milestones Ann Raia, Rosalie Saltzman, and Ada Long

Future Directions Ada Long

Recommended Readings Bernice Braid and Ada Long


Planning an Honors Semester Elizabeth Beck and Lillian Mayberry

Planning a City as Text™ Walkabout Bernice Braid

Planning a Sleeping Bag Seminar Joan Digby

Resource People Ada Long

Sample Honors Semester Evaluation Forms: Pre-Semester Faculty Questionnaire • End-of-Semester Faculty Questionnaire • Post-Semester Faculty Evaluation/Assessment • Pre-Semester Student Questionnaire • End-of-Semester Student Questionnaire • Post-Semester Student Assessment/Evaluation • End-of-Semester Evaluator’s Summary of Group Discussion

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