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Occupy Honors Education, edited by Lisa L. Coleman, Jonathan D. Kotinek, and Alan Y. Oda. National Collegiate Honors Council Monograph Series. Lincoln, NE, 2017.


Copyright © 2017 by National Collegiate Honors Council.


Preface by Jonathan D Kotinek

Introduction: Occupying Naive America: The Resistance to Resistance • Lisa L Coleman

Theory and Resistance in Honors Education • Aaron Stoller

From Good Intentions to Educational Equity in an Honors Program: Occupying Honors through Inclusive Excellence • David M Jones

A Privilege for the Privileged? Using Intersectionality to Reframe Honors and Promote Social Responsibility • Amberly Dziesinski, Phame Camarena, and Caitlin Homrich-Knieling

Cosmopolitan Courtesy: Preparing for Global Citizenry • Stephanie Brown and Virginia Cope

Cosmopolitanism and New Racial Formations in a Post-9/11 Honors Curriculum on Diversity • Lopamudra Basu

Family Issues of Diversity and Education for Asian American Immigrants: How Universities, Colleges, and Honors Programs Can Understand and Support the 15 and Second Generation • Alan Y Oda, Ye Eun (Grace) Oh, and Hyun Seo (Hannah) Lee

Inclusivity Versus Exclusivity: Re-Imagining the Honors College as a Third Place • Nancy M West

Engaging the Bard: Honors, Engagement, and a New Chautauqua • Shawn Alfrey

Occupying Native America • Lisa L Coleman, Rachel Childers, Samantha Faudree, and Jake Martin

What is Truth? Teaching the Constructivist Perspective for Diversity in Honors • Jonathan D Kotinek

A Blueprint for Occupying Honors: Activism in Institutional Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, and Academic Excellence • Finnie D Coleman