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Breaking Barriers in Teaching and Learning, Edited by James Ford and John Zubizarreta. National Collegiate Honors Council Teaching and Learning Monograph III (2018), 254p.


Copyright © 2018 by National Collegiate Honors Council.


Foreword Richard Badenhausen


Breaking Barriers with Significant Student Learning

Chapter One: Using Student-Generated Questions to Promote Learning — Barbara J. Millis

Chapter Two: Innovative Discussion-Based Pedagogy — Leslie G. Kaplan

Chapter Three: The Importance of the First-Semester Experience: Learning Communities and Clustered Classes — Susan E. Dinan

Chapter Four: Linking Honors Courses: A New Approach to Defining Honors Pedagogy —Dahliani Reynolds, Meg Case, and Becky L. Spritz

Breaking Barriers with Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence

Chapter Five: Honors Components in Honors Faculty Development — Hanne ten Berge and Rob van der Vaart

Chapter Six: Building and Enhancing Honors Programs through Faculty Learning Communities —Milton D. Cox

Chapter Seven: The Honors Professional Development Portfolio: Claiming the Value of Honors for Improvement, Tenure, and Promotion — John Zubizarreta

Chapter Eight: Teaching for Learning in Honors Courses: Identifying and Implementing Effective Educational Practices — Todd D. Zakrajsek and Janina Tosic

Course Designs and Case Studies in Honors Teaching

Chapter Nine: Constructing an Honors Composition Course to Support a Research-Based Honors Curriculum —Annmarie Guzy

Chapter Ten: Growing Pains in Honors Education: Two Courses Designed to Build Community —Matthew Carey Jordan

Chapter Eleven: HON 315: Perspectives on Twentieth-Century American Identity — Ken R. Mulliken

Chapter Twelve: Bending Time and Space: Three Approaches for Breaking Barriers in the Honors Classroom James Ford

Afterword — Reading to Improve Teaching and Learning John Zubizarreta

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