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Miller, K.A., ed. 2020. Building Honors Contracts: Insights and Oversights. National Collegiate Honors Council Monograph Series.


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Building Honors Contracts: Insights and Oversights, Kristine A. Miller

Curriculum Gone Bad: The Case against Honors Contracts, Richard Badenhausen

The Timeliness of Honors Contracts, Shirley Shultz Myers and Geoffrey Whitebread

Honors Contracts: Empowering Students and Fostering Autonomy in Honors Education, Anne Dotter

An Undeserved Reputation: How Contract Courses Can Work for a Small Honors Program , Jon Hageman

One Hand Washes the Other: Designing Mutually Beneficial Honors Contracts, Antonina Bambina

Honors Contracts: A Scaffolding to Independent Inquiry, Cindy S. Ticknor and Shamim Khan

Enhancing the Structure and Impact of Honors by Contract Projects with Templates and Research Hubs, James G. Snyder and Melinda Weisberg

Ensuring a Quality Honors Experience through Learning Contracts: Success beyond Our Wildest Dreams, Julia A. Haseleu and Laurie A. Taylor

A High-Impact Strategy for Honors Contract Courses, Gary Wyatt

Facilitating Feedback: The Benefits of Automation in Monitoring Completion of Honors Contracts, Erin E. Edgington

Moving Honors Contracts into the Digital Age: Processes, Impacts, and Opinions , Ken D. Thomas and Suzanne P. Hunter

Honors in Practice: Beyond the Classroom, Kristine A. Miller

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