National Collegiate Honors Council


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Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the NATIONAL COLLEGIATE HONORS COUNCIL. University of Kansas, Lawrence. October 22-24, 1966. Edited by Walter D. Weir


The National Collegiate Honors Council held its first annual meeting on the campus of the University of Kansas, October 22-24, 1966. The proceedings of that meeting are contained in this volume. This new association is a response to the expressed desire of many hundreds of educators throughout the country that, when the Inter-University Committee on the Superior Student (ICSS) was terminated in 1965, a national organization of individuals as well as institutions be formed. The new organization would carry on some of the functions of ICSS but would be free also to develop in ways appropriate to the present status of honors over the country.



Program of Meeting

Business Meeting and Notes

Institutional Membership

Papers Delivered at Conference:

Innovations in Higher Education • PAUL A. MILLER

On the Selection of Honors Teachers • HAROLD D. HANTZ

Selectivity or Shamanism? • M. JEAN PHILLIPS

Administration of Honors Programs • VISHNU N. BHATIA

Motivating Honors Students in Colloquia • WALTER D. WEIR

Motivating Students in Honors Courses • JAMES KARGE OLSEN

Student Panel Discussion