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National Collegiate Honors Council Monograph Series


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Introduction: The Elective System, Honors Degrees, and Academic Advising, Erin E. Edgington

Part I: Theoretical and Philosophical Approaches

Chapter 1: How Honors Advising Is Different, Philip L. Frana

Chapter 2: Advising with Purpose: Utilizing the Motivation for College Success Model, Stephanie Veltman Santarosa

Chapter 3: Motivation in Honors Advising, Matthew T. Best, Kenneth E. Barron, Jared Diener, and Philip L. Frana

Chapter 4: Advising Honors Students: Motivational Interviewing as a Tool for Identity Building and Development, Chelsea McKeirnan

Chapter 5: Intellectual Humility, Honors, and Appreciative Advising: Exploring with Students that Changing Their Mind Does Not End the World, Alan Sells

Chapter 6: Advising to Support Meaning Making and Purpose: Helping Honors Students Focus on Priorities and Evaluate Opportunities Through Intention Setting, Kristy Spear, Ron Cahlon, and Katherine McCall

Part II: Applied Approaches

Chapter 7: Honors Advising for Large Programs, Art L. Spisak and Holly B. Yoder

Chapter 8: Mentoring in the Mix: Building Mentoring Capacity Intentionally in a New Honors College, Kathryn Butler-Valdez, Hailey Silver Rodis, and Audrey Cerfoglio

Chapter 9: Advising First-Generation and Socioeconomically Diverse Honors Students, Angela D. Mead

Chapter 10: Exploring the Relationship Between Mindset, Mental Health, and Academic Performance Among College Students, Eileen Makak, Douglas A. Medina, and Harmony D. Osei

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