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Published in Breaking Barriers in Teaching and Learning, edited by James Ford and John Zubizarreta. National Collegiate Honors Council Teaching and Learning Monograph III (2018), 254p


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Teaching and learning are interesting endeavors. As faculty members, we spend a great deal of time working with students to help them understand a concept, a fact, or a point of view, but we often do not spend equal time better understanding and improving teaching and learning. Time and again, individual educators note that they were trained in a given discipline, not in the process of teaching. In most states, it takes more credentialing in teaching to become a first-grade instructor in math than it does to teach a graduate seminar in psychology. Because of the assumption that those who are educated at the university level can teach at the university level, we give little thought to the extensive information and training needed to teach well. Many college instructors teach day in and day out without serious consideration of what constitutes an effective classroom. Essentially, a great deal of teaching is like driving a car day after day without learning about the features included with the vehicle or how best to use them.