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From: Housing Honors, edited by Linda Frost, Lisa W. Kay, and Rachael Poe. National Collegiate Honors Council Monograph Series (Lincoln, NE: 2015).


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To apprehend the panoply of spaces that house honors on a national scale requires input from administrators and faculty. Nevertheless, one of the most important and often overlooked perspectives is that of honors students themselves. Admittedly, students are transient. After four or five years, most complete their undergraduate degrees, leaving their campuses, clubs, and honors programs behind after graduation. Despite their relatively brief time on campus, however, no one has more firsthand experience concerning housing honors students than honors students themselves, and some current honors students will certainly become honors administrators and faculty in the future. In the fall of 2012, honors students were given the opportunity to respond to a three-question survey about housing. The survey collected the opinions of current honors students regarding what they liked or did not like about their current honors spaces and what they imagined honors structures and spaces might be in the future. The survey was distributed to the National Collegiate Honors Council listserv; approximately 300 students responded. The survey was not intended to gather statistically relevant data; its purpose was to add student voices to this ongoing conversation.