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From Internationalizing Honors, ed. Kim Klein and Mary Kay Mulvaney (Lincoln, NE: National Collegiate Honors Council, 2020)


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Increasingly, American colleges and universities are seeking to prepare their students not only for professional success but also for life in a world whose interconnectedness and, indeed, interdependency, will require them to live as global citizens. That the term “global citizen,” or one of its many synonyms, now appears in numerous institutional mission and values statements suggests the significance that institutions of higher education attach to cultivating individuals able to navigate the transnational and intercultural complexities of twenty-first-century economics, politics, and ethics. Honors programs and colleges have enthusiastically adopted a global education orientation along with the larger institutions that house them; a quick internet search for “global honors” returns thousands of results, which include global honors programs, specialized pathways, and seminars. Although the prevalence of such global honors options is growing, many honors programs and colleges are still grappling with the challenge of developing honorslevel offerings suited to the internationalizing landscape of higher education. Happily, integrating aspects of global studies into an honors program or college curriculum need not come at a premium. While institutional mandates calling for increased emphasis on the world beyond the campus tend not to be accompanied by across-the-board increases in resources to aid in their implementation, honors programs and colleges can nevertheless reap the benefits of such mandates if they act strategically and in accordance with defined institutional objectives. This article first describes the context in which the University of Nevada, Reno Honors Program has embedded global studies into its curriculum and then provides curricular and co-curricular options that can be adapted and modified to fit the needs of any honors program or college to enhance or deepen students’ global awareness and engagement.