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Peaks & Valleys

Those Pesky Parents

1. "Parent to Parent" by P.K.Weston ... 1 Let those parents know what they need to know: inevitable changes in their sons and daughters; practical issues; the program's responsibilities in their children's education. Includes letter to parents & copy of the program outline with notes. Weston says to borrow freely.

2. "From Fred's Mother" ... 5 This letter has been reprinted several times to remind us what honors is all about. Fred's mother says "teach my son." Introduction by Freddye Davy, Hampton University. As always, thanks for sharing this letter, Freddye.

Those Irksome Issues

3. "Honors Work: Teaching, Research & Service" by K. Celeste Campbell ... 6 The three major activities of an honors director. A reminder to directors to work with their institutions in showing the many opportunities they have through honors to enhance their professional standing.

4. "Honors Course Evaluation" by Maggie Hill ... 8 The importance of student evaluations; the availability of summary sheets (no names) for students' use in making decisions about courses. With three examples of forms used by honors students at three universities-La Salle University, Oklahoma State & Mississippi State. From a nominee for student representative to the Executive Committee.

5. "Whose Interests Are We Serving?" by James Tallmon ... 13 Suggesting criteria for conference program selection: off with the trendy; on with the learning. A reminder that topics which seem ordinary to program planners may be new to undergraduates. From the new director of the HonorslLeadership Program at Dickinson.

6. "In Honors Too Long" by Margaret Brown ... 14 Enough philosophy. Looking at what we do instead. Starting there to figure out plans for the future. Backwards thinking? Could be, but what's the harm?

7. "Reaching Corporate America" by Adam D'Antonio ... 17 Enthusiastic honors students from C. W. Post/LIU equip their student lounge with donated equipment. D'Antonio shares this successful process from start to finish. Way to go. D'Antonio is a candidate for Student Representative on the Exec.

Conference ‘02

8. "Peaks & Valleys" by Donzell Lee … 19 An introduction to our yearly national conference, Salt Lake City, November 5-9, 2002. From Donzell Lee, Program Planner. With a list of speakers and special conference features.

9. Conference at a Glance ... 22 Plan, plan & plan your days from this outline of events. (Conference booklets will be available at the registration table at conference time.)

10. "Conference Roadmap" ... 24 From Adam D'Antonio on the behalf of Student Concerns, an NCHC Committee. A guide for first-time student attendees at a national conference. Directors: please photocopy for your students.

11. "The Melting Pot or Salad Bowl?" by Virginia McCombs ... 25 Announcement ofa workshop on diversity (October 30 at the conference). Panelists to discuss student & faculty recruitment and cultural diversity in many types of institutions. Choose between two panel presentations for each of three time slots. Presented by the nominee for Vice President.

12. "Developing in Honors" by Bob Spurrier ... 28 An announcement ofDIH workshops for Conference '02. DIH panelists are from a variety of institutions and address issues such as keeping up with honors alums, honors in non-liberal arts areas, getting honors to count in university rewards structure, honors program to honors college & more.

13. "City As Text©" from Janet Burke ... 30 An announcement often explorations of the Salt Lake City community. Sign up on line at www.asu.edulhonors/nchc.

And Conference ‘03

14. "Finding Common Ground" by Norm Weiner ... 32 The beginning of Conference '03. The theme and the planning begins with conference goals, identifying the "must-have" events as well as the events that are less than successful. Read the details in the report by Norm Weiner, Program Planning Chair. Struggles over the framework might surprise you.

Voting '02

15. Candidates for Office & Executive Committee ... 37 Candidates for office beginning January, 2003. Other candidates (except for the position of Executive Secretary/Treasurer) can be nominated from the floor at the business meeting at the conference. Voting is held by mail in early November. About 25% of our members voted in the last election. What will you do with your ballot this year?

16. Proposed Constitutional & Bylaws Changes ... 43 Requiring contracts over $10,000 be evaluated by an attorney; clarifying that a report's acceptance or receipt by the Executive Committee does not mean approval; a correction of an oversight. Each proposal contains a rationale. Don't toss that ballot you get in November. Nothing happens to the Constitution & Bylaws without your vote.

The Business of the NCHC

17. Executive Committee Mid-Year Report from Rosalie Otero ... 44 The annual mid-year meeting. The focus: an all-volunteer organization stretched to the limit. Possible solution: a permanent national office & a paid executive director. Discussion about the advantages & disadvantages, about finding host institutions, about a raise in institutional dues.

18. "From the Home Front" by Earl B. Brown, Jr ... 47 Goals, money, the future, money & money again. Critical decisions coming up about establishing a permanent location for the NCHC with a paid Executive Director & protecting NCHC's assets. With the 2003 budget (DRAFT) approved by the Executive Committee.

19. Minutes (DRAFT) of Executive Committee Meeting ... 57 Submitted by the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Earl Brown, Jr. A draft of minutes taken at Santa Fe, June 22-23, 2002, at the Spring Executive Meeting.