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Capstone Project Poster Presentation, College Preparatory Academy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 2020


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Gender bias affects the teaching in young girls. The development of gender behavior has been passed down from generation to generation. The issue is that there are double standards in how gender bias affects women professionally, academically, and socially. Current efforts by many women have started to correct this learned behavior. More and more people are becoming aware of the issue, but some do nothing to try to change it. In a book by Anne Helen Petersen, Serena Williams is viewed as being “too strong” and that her body is “too masculine” and does not match the body of a woman. People expect women to be cautious of everything around them, but they forget to teach men that they are responsible for their actions. Gender bias in America needs to be corrected so it does not continue to degrade women and lessen the way that they think of themselves.