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Capstone Project Poster Presentation, College Preparatory Academy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 2020


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The black community struggles with mental health just like every other community, group of people, or singular human beings but the difference because its rarely talked about. The black community has many generational traumas and silent codes that dictate what we discuss and who we discuss these things with. Suppressing your thoughts, emotions, illnesses, and issues is unhealthy and ineffective. As a whole community this research would like to find outlets to work on effective communication and iterating our emotions without creating traumatic experiences for other people wo look like them. This research will talk about generational trauma, the perception or role we take on of having to be strong, how bottling up emotions leads to substance abuse and suicide, and how it’s difficult to open up to people who don’t look like you and solutions. This topic was chosen because these are major issues seen in the black community that could be cleaned up or decreased if the black community start dealing with the issues that lie on the inside.