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Capstone Project Poster Presentation, College Preparatory Academy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 2020


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This paper will address the lack of Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation within the United States and with European Union Artificial Intelligence ethics as a guideline. The current notion about Artificial Intelligence stems from movies, such as Terminator, that create a stigma that Artificial Intelligence will cause robots to take over the world. Ethics in Artificial Intelligence is a new concept that has risen as smart technologies concerning Artificial Intelligence have become widely used. To address the lack of Artificial Intelligence regulation this paper will suggest a process to analyze each use case of Artificial Intelligence such as its weaponization. To address this stigma of AI, society will have to take the natural course of accepting a world where machine are smart if not more than humans. This takes the form of companies releasing Artificial Intelligence based technology such as Siri or Google assistant. Artificial Intelligence, like other technologies before their time, have all had negative aspects that society needs to be weary of. The regulation of Artificial Intelligence needs to be strict and specific about Artificial Intelligence implementation. The stigma of AI will fade as its benefits are reaped and its regulation will create the sense of security needed to move forward in technological advances.