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Nebraska College Preparatory Academy Senior Capstone Project, Spring 2022


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Despite the yearly advances in preventative medicine with the use of advanced technology, new treatment applications, effective therapeutic methods, etc., a significant number of minorities are not receiving the proper care from medical professionals. The determinative groups that are being affected by this incompetent care occur involve race and ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, region or geography, and age. These populations have faced many challenges in receiving access to health care in the United States for generations and even when they do receive proper health care, their care may not be as efficient compared to the Caucasian population. There are necessary steps to take in the medical field to close off separations among different populations, that way there is the ability to understand one another and come to an agreement. The struggles minorities must be facing in this nation are addressed rather than disregarded because this could resolve problems in the future as well as make movements to eliminate health disparities in all minority populations.