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Nebraska College Preparatory Academy Senior Capstone Project, Spring 2022


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Ninety-nine percent of the police departments budget throughout the country increases every year into the billions. More money is spent on keeping the “peace” than investing in young students to assure they have a bright future, avoid violence and in return, bring true peace to all communities. Police departments and even some of the population have been conditioned into believing that minority communities are naturally violent, inherently bad and need to be policed heavily. Instead, minority communities need resources and tools to break the cycle of poverty and crime. Defunding the police is a controversial topic and dangerous to bring into fruition, many do not fully understand or are aware of what “defunding” means. Defunding does not mean getting rid of the police. Adjusting and balancing budgets for city services can bring new opportunities and fix many issues that are created by the current imbalance of budget sized of community serviced. Until there is a systematic change in the way police departments are funded and trained, the bad cops will always overshadow good cops and efficient policing will never be plausible. While many police departments throughout the country enjoy their over bloated billiondollar budgets, the population struggles with homelessness, poverty, and lack of good homes. The minds of every upcoming generation endure the pain of mental health issues and bad schooling due to the bad funding and police brutality in the very streets of their communities.

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