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Nebraska College Preparatory Academy Senior Capstone Project, Spring 2022


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Alcohol and opioid withdrawal is very common, especially in the United States. People, including pregnant women go through withdrawal when they lower the number of substance(s) they have daily or just stop suddenly. Since the body is used to having a high dosage, when it’s lowered or stopped, the body reacts in ways that can be very painful commonly known as withdrawal. As for pregnant women, when they allow these substances in their body, it can be extremely harmful to the baby. These babies can develop conditions such as Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) or Fetal Alcohol (FAS) syndrome. Statistics show that 7,780 babies are born with FAS out of 3,890,000 U.S. babies born per year and 21,732 infants were born with NAS nationwide in 2012 with numbers steadily rising. With such high occurrences and the large number of people who suffer from these preventable diseases, it is important to know how dangerous these behaviors are not only to the mother but the baby’s health.