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Nebraska College Preparatory Academy Senior Capstone Project, Spring 2021


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Students competing in college sports always give it their full effort and in some instances they even tend to exceed the performance of many professionals. That being said, a few moral questions are raised such as; “Should college athletes be paid?” There is no definite set answer to this question so it can be perceived in many ways and it can vary based on one's morals and the circumstances. A scenario similar to this is brought into perspective by Deford(2014) in one of his writings when he states that “Barnes played the same course as Woods and all the other PGA players--he even beat most of them--but while they got paid, he didn’t” (p. 673) In this scenario a college amateur was able to outplay some big league well known players such as Tiger Woods and still received no type of monetary reimbursement for his efforts. It would be morally correct to give the student some sort of compensation, but that raises other red flags. It comes down to the logistics and morals of the situation.