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Nebraska College Preparatory Academy Senior Capstone Project, Spring 2021


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Alzheimer’s is a word many families despise; a disease that weakens hearts and takes away the ones families love most. The disease is said to be deadly--but not sudden--with no cure. As awful as it sounds, the death is devastating but is not the worst part of this disease: the worst part is the stages leading up to the full-blown disease that families have to watch that hurts most and could make or break a family.

What makes Alzheimer’s hard to live with is how family members have to slowly watch their loved ones fade away, mentally and physically. In an article written by Ashley Ross (2017), Ross quotes women who have experience seeing their mothers lose to Alzheimer’s disease, including Mackenzie Kelley who states, “Alzheimer’s is the longest goodbye.” Since the death is not sudden, it is expected and people with Alzheimer’s are a time ticking bomb.

Watching someone with Alzheimer’s slowly lose all of their basic human abilities is catastrophic. They lose their ability to do almost everything: going to the bathroom, chewing their food, getting dressed, taking a shower, eating and drinking, and so many more basic qualities of a human that people do without a first or second thought. They practically become a newborn baby with wrinkles and a whole life story.