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Society’s Influence on Gender Roles, Ana Perez-Senic, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy / Grand Island Senior High 2016 University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright 2016 Ana Perez-Senic


The Civil War was a time of hardship for everyone regardless of gender. Louisa May Alcott and Stephen Crane embody the spirit and mood of the Civil War through their novels and the use of the gender lens.Through the protagonist of the novels we see the influence war has on their state of mind and on their home and social life.

The novels Little Women and The Red Badge of Courage capture the essence of the Civil War era. Louisa Alcott and Stephen Crane reflect their own experiences and thoughts through their character's mindset, personality and hardships. Gender roles and family values go hand in hand with the home and societal atmosphere in shaping the characters through the novels and altering their personalities and state of mind.