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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Omaha North High Magnet School 2016. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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With LGBTQ+ topics added to sex education at a young age, kids will learn that these topics are normal and cause a significant drop in bullying. Although some might say adding this would worsen the issue, it would teach students and faculty to be more accepting of these topics, and more accepting of LGBTQ+ people. Schools in Lincoln Public Schools and Omaha Public Schools have both been challenged with this topic recently, and reacted to them in different ways. Overall, the main issue of this topic is the current paradigm of our peers.

Inclusive sex education in classrooms is a must for all public education because it significantly affects every single person, whether they fall into the LGBTQ+ category or not. It affects knowledge on health, mentality, social behavior, and so on. Implementing this into basic education will create a paradigm shift in the next generation because they will be taught the normality of LGBTQ+ people. This should create a safer school environment because students will be educated and in time completely cease to bully based on these differences.