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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High School 2017. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Jane Austen's personal experiences can be seen through the influence presented in her novel Pride and Prejudice. Austen grew up in the Victorian Era, a time period where women were socially and economically immobile, with the exception of marriage. Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice suggests that society is separated into a diversity of unfair and unequal socio-economic classes which still persists today. This is most evident in the lack of access to quality education for many members of lower socio-economic groups in the United States.

The Victorian Era heavily relied on a social structure that created socio-economic diversity and defined who men and women were by the means of numbers. We still live in the same divided world, it’s inevitable. As humans, we are in search of what is best for us, unfortunately for some of us, we are limited to the resources we have available. We find ourselves either among the crowd, like the lower class or standing out as the higher class, like to a candle among darkness. We fail to notice those in the dark, or if we’re lost in darkness, we search for the light.