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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High School 2017. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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The great author Jane Austen lived during a time period in which there was a patriarchal society installed which made it quite difficult for women rights similar to the Victorian Era. Both in Jane Austen’s society and the Victorian Era, there were huge gaps in gender equality. The society at the time made it easy for men to run everything that happened in society which in turn lead to women being at a huge disadvantage.Jane Austen showed people many examples of this inequality in her book Pride and Prejudice It is crucial as a society to improve from and correct the mistakes we once chose to make.

To think that we once lived in a patriarchal society makes me feel ashamed because there were so many times where people were treated unequally. Society has improved greatly but I still feel that there can be improvements to be made. Despite women having the same rights as men, they still do not get treated equally in jobs and politics. It is often very likely males will get better jobs or wages than women receive for the same position. Men also have more representation in politics. I believe that as a country we must keep fighting and strive for the day when everyone is truly equally.