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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High School 2017. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Voltaire, arguably one of the most influential and crucial characters during the Enlightenment period. He was able to implement his ideologies while criticizing social norms in many of his literary works. Influenced by the many fortunes and tragedies of his time, he was able to transform these events and constitute them into a philosophy that changed the world forever. Challenging the ideas of his time, Voltaire writes Candide to criticize the optimistic ideologies held by many of the other philosophers of his time.

Many would agree in calling Candide a guideline into a small overview of Voltaire’s philosophy. He constantly criticizes the ignorant level of optimist that was very common in his time, he did not do this to shame his fellow compatriots, but in fact to open their eyes and inspire them to fight for the rights they were entitled to. He was an innovator of his era, and that is why he is regarded as one of the most crucial philosophers of the enlightenment period.