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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High School 2018. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley describes the dangers of revenge and isolation caused by abandonment, following the mistakes made by Victor Frankenstein with the creation of a monster. All the events of the novel support one main theme: revenge caused by isolation. Throughout the novel, the reader witnesses the life of isolation that the creature is forced to live. As the story progresses, the question of why revenge becomes an outcome of isolation is asked. Living a life where you are ostracized by everyone, including your own creator, would drive anyone mad, especially a creature that was brought back to life by a mad scientist. In today’s society, there are many children who grow up without parents, typically in a poor foster care system with strangers. Looking at the life of those who suffer abandonment, it becomes clearer as to why many individuals seek some kind of ‘“revenge” after living a life of isolation: hardship and mental instability.

❖ Shelley wanted to express the danger of science and was inspired by gothic stories exchanged between herself and her husband. ❖ This is a piece of Romantic literature, which focuses on the love of nature and idealism. ❖ The creature in Frankenstein was abandoned as soon as he was created, causing him to live a life of isolation. ❖ Isolation and revenge is seen throughout the novel, which eventually leads to the destruction of Victor Frankenstein.