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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High School 2019. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Addiction is the desire for the intake of a certain substance. All people have an addiction to something whether that is a substance, an item, or an act of doing something. Specific to this topic, it was found that alcohol and drugs are the most common substances to become addicted. Two key factors influencing this are easy accessibility and cost. A human’s whole life can change just after they make the choice of using a substance.

● These substances change a human’s bodily function and cognitive abilities. ● Dopamine is a person’s reward and pleasure hormone meaning once an addict gets what they desire, dopamine is released into the body causing the addict to crave more. ● There are long lasting effects such as cravings, weight loss, and abnormal behaviors. ● Relationships between loved ones are strained due to the actions of the addict.