The Nebraska LEAD Program is a statewide agricultural leadership development program. Its purpose is to provide Nebraska's most promising adult men and women agriculturalists an opportunity to participate in an intensive two-year educational program designed to enhance leadership development, essential for long-term future of farming/ranching, agribusiness, Nebraska and the nation. Participants are selected each year for a two-year fellowship. Over the two-year period, Nebraska LEAD fellows participate in 12 three-day in-state seminars, including spouses on four occasions. Seminars are conducted at 11 cooperating public and private colleges and universities from across Nebraska. Presenters represent a wide range of disciplines from various college and university levels, government and the private sector, including corporate executives, entrepreneuers, organizational interest and prominent community leaders. Educational content addresses interpersonal skill development, communications, sociology, education, public policy issues, macro economics, community development, natural resources, cultural understanding and leadership.