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Published in Nebraska Anthropologist Vol. 20 (2005). Copyright © by the author; published by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln AnthroGroup.


Women and Warfare: How Human Evolution Excluded Women (Brett Kennedy)

Romantic Love and Marriage: An Analysis of the Concept and Functionality of Romantic Love as a Marital Stabilizing Agent (Emily Sorrell)

Bone Dispersion, Weathering, and Scavenging of Cattle Bones (Melinda Potmesil)

Omaha Metals, Coinage, and Syntax: Outside Influence? (Rory Larson)

Native Americans in Prison: The Struggle for Religious Freedom (Stephanie Beran)

Punitive Behavior in eBay Auctions (Kyle Gibson)

Female and Male Perceptions of Attractiveness: What is Attractive and Why? (Ryan Schacht)

Theory of Mind in Chimpanzees: A Rationalist Approach (Benjamin Grant Purzycki)

Postpartum Depression: An Evolutionary Perspective (Mark Tracy)

Analysis of Quartz in Northern Wisconsin: Deficiencies, Misconceptions, and Goals (Elizabeth Spott)

Foraging Behaviors of Alouatta palliata, Mantled Howling Monkeys (Jeffrey A. Bauill)


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