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Published in THE NEBRASKA ANTHROPOLOGIST, Volume 5 (1980). Published by the Anthropology Student Group, Department of Anthropology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588


The purpose of this paper is to construct, from available literature, the possible social structure of the inhabitants of the Huff Site (32MO11). Although archeology is termed as the study of the human past, with its objectives being construction of cultural chronology, reconstruction of past lifeways, and discovery of processes that underlie and condition human behavior, I feel that many times these objectives are either overlooked or only in part covered. This paper will serve as an example of possible inferences which can be made from archeological and historical data. Some inferences or hypotheses which are made in this paper are admittedly speculative. I hope to encourage others to follow the example when reconstructing past lifeways and in discovering processes that underlie human behavior.

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