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Published in Nebraska Anthropologist Vol. 21 (2006). Copyright © by the author; published by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln AnthroGroup.


An Understanding of the Relationship between Maquiladoras and Women's Rights in Central America (Mara D. Giles)

Changes in Post-Marital Residence Rules in an Era of National Reform: The Urban to Rural Disjunction in Contemporary China (Michaela S. Clemens)

Transboundary Protected Areas as a Solution to Border Issues (Catherine Pool)

Homosexuals in the Periphery: Gay and Lesbian Rights in Developing Africa (Brett Kennedy)

Frontier Impressions: The Role of Daub at the Beaver Creek Trail Crossing (Brennan J. Dolan)

You Can Take It with You: Archaeology at the Beaver Creek Trail Crossing (Nolan Johnson)

Hopewell Earthworks of Southern Ohio: A Study of the Purpose of Earthworks (Erin C. Dempsey)

A Landscape Approach to Bighorn Sheep Rock Art in the Dolores River Valley (Amanda M. Davey)

Feasting at Nestor's Palace at Pylos (Deanna L. Wesolowski)

Lakota Struggles for Cultural Survival: History, Health, and Reservation Life (Benjamin Jewell)

There is No Alternative to Tribalism (Denny Gayton)

Conceptions of Humor: Lakota (Sioux), Koestlerian, and Computational (Benjamin Grant Purzycki)

Concept-Demand Theory and the Evolution of Human Language (Rory M. Larson)

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