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Published in Nebraska Anthropologist Vol. 25 (2010). Copyright © by the author; published by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln AnthroGroup.


Indigenous Archaeology: Historical Interpretation from an Emic Perspective (Stephanie M. Kennedy)

A Response to "Indigenous Archaeology: Historical Interpretation from an Emic Perspective" - from a Native American Archaeologist's Perspective (Albert M. LeBeau III and Andrew E. LaBounty)

Mitochondrial and Y-Chromosomal DNA in the Analysis of Kinship: Methods, Current Practices, and Areas of Further Inquiry (Anne M. Cafer)

Deconstructing the Hopewell Interaction Sphere (Steven Sarich)

Time Perspectivism as Applied to Three Mennonite Cemeteries in York County, Nebraska (Tayrah Epp)

An Examination of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Relation to Human Evolution and Life History Theory (Daniel E. Lomelin)

Grave Vows: A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Varying forms of Ghost Marriage among Five Societies (Lucas J. Schwartze)

Paths to Zion: The Mormon Settlement at Wyoming, NE (Sherri L. Sklenar)

Aging in America: Now and When (Laura Ihrig)

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