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“The 2007 Nebraska Nest Report” from Nebraska Bird Review (December 2008) 76(4).


Copyright 2008 Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Used by permission.


Rains returned to most of the state this breeding season, with the notable exception of almost the entire Panhandle and the western Sandhills, where the 8-year drought continues. In the western Sandhills some early rains began to restore water levels in the potholes and lakes, but levels fell again as the summer wore on. While recovering water levels in much of the Rainwater Basin brought renewed breeding activity by at least some of the marsh and water birds, continued dry conditions in the western Sandhills curtailed breeding by many water bird species there, with reduced or no breeding by grebes and avocets noted at a number of regular breeding locations. The exception to generally poor water conditions in that area was at Crescent Lake NWR where water levels are controlled on some lakes.

A total of 1375 breeding records of 122 species was reviewed for this report. A number of these records were gleaned from Bird Atlas Project reports. No doubt other notable records remain to be found in other Atlas Project reports that have not yet been reviewed.