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“Fall Field Report, August-November 2009” from Nebraska Bird Review (December 2009) 77(4).


Copyright 2009 Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Used by permission.


This was probably the most "normal" fall season in a while, as measured by the small number of late departure dates among summer residents and migrants, early arrival dates among winter residents and migrants, high counts, and rarities. In other words, very little of significance happened. Indeed, in order to provide a spark, I'll even mention three exotics that were reported: a Swan Goose at Fremont 26 November (JRo), a Common Peafowl in Dodge Co 5 August (JWe), and a White-faced Cockatiel caught in a Dixon Co yard 24 August (JJ). None is likely to be a threat to our native birds; however, we are keeping an eye on the Mute Swan situation in Omaha. Other items worthy of mention are the apparent abandonment of the only known Nebraska Red-shouldered Hawk nest (with 2 chicks), the abundance of gallinaceous birds in the Broken Bow area, moorhens breeding in the eastern Rainwater Basin, a record early adult Glaucous Gull, easterly Common Poorwills, the continuing Fish Crow, Pygmy Nuthatch in Lincoln (again!), and Nebraska's third Canyon Wren.

I appreciate the information posted on NEBirds, which I collect for this report, as well as information on sightings sent to me at the end of each season by local or visiting birders. The latter yield much information not posted to NEBirds, but which, in the context of all of the data, turns out to be significant. I also use data from eBIRD, some of which is reported there as well as on NEBirds. So I don't think we miss too much of what is going on.