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Schock, "Pine Siskin Nests at Wayne State College," from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1983) 51(4): 89.


Copyright 1983, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


On 29 April 1976 I observed a number of Pine Siskins in the elm and blue spruce trees on the Wayne State College campus, Wayne, Nebraska. They were actively flying back and forth between the trees so I could not determine the exact number of them, but they would have numbered less than a dozen.

On 30 April I saw that a Pine Siskin appeared to be building a nest in a blue spruce tree, about five feet above the ground. I continued to watch from a safe distance for the next few days. By 5 May the nest appeared to be completed and occupied. It was occupied from 5 to 12 May. During this time there were varying numbers of other Pine Siskins in the area.

On 13 May the nest was vacant and no Pine Siskins were in the area. On 14 May I noted carefully that no Pine Siskins were in the area and then examined the nest closely for the first time. I found no indication that any eggs had ever been laid in the nest. On 17 May I noted that the nest had not been occupied since 13 May, and that no Pine Siskins had been seen in the area during the time, and that fairly strong winds were rapidly causing the deterioration of the nest. I was not aware of any record of nesting attempts by Pine Siskins in this area prior to this time, so I salvaged the nest on 17 May (with authority granted via Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit #PRT-7ISI- C-KC, Amendment #2). The nest was placed in the collection at Wayne State College as evidence of Pine Siskin activity in this area.