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Colin Woolley

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“Fall 2011 Bird Banding at Wildcat Hills Nature Center” from Nebraska Bird Review (December 2011) 79(4).


Copyright 2011 Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Used by permission.


Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory has been operating a fall migration bird banding station at the Wildcat Hills Nature Center in Scotts Bluff Co. since 2007. In 2011, during our fifth year of banding, we captured a few new species, had new high totals for other species, and had a record number new high total of recaptures. Weather permitting, we banded on weekdays from August 31 through October 10 for five hours per day beginning soon after sunrise. We caught and banded 735 individual birds of 32 species. We banded two new species for the station in 2011: one Red-eyed Vireo and one Black-headed Grosbeak. Chipping Sparrow set a new high as the most frequently captured species. Also of note, we captured a new high of 45 Lesser Goldfinches. This species has expanded greatly in the Wildcat Hills in the last five years. Eighteen birds captured in 2011 were recaptures, including 12 birds from 2010. This new high number of recaptures included five Black-capped Chickadees, five Red Crossbills, four Spotted Towhees, and four Chipping Sparrows. The article includes the complete list of species banded.