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“Spring 1984 Whooping Crane Records in Nebraska,” from Nebraska Bird Review (September 1984) 52(3).


Copyright 1984 Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Used by permission.


The Pierre, S.D., office of the Fish and Wildlife Service has released their records of sightings of the Wood Buffalo flock of Whooping Cranes, and those that pertain to Nebraska are given below.

There are three classes of sightings:

Confirmed Sightings. Observation made by a State or Federal Biologist or officer or by other known qualified observer (trained ornithologist or birder with experience in identification of Whooping Cranes). A photograph may also be used to confirm sightings.

Probable Sighting. No confirmation made by State or Federal Biologist or officer or by other known qualified observer, yet details of the sighting seen to identify the birds as Whooping Cranes. To be classified as a probable sighting each of the following factors must be met: (1) location of sighting is within normal migration corridor and is an appropriate site for Whooping Cranes, (2) date of sighting is within period of migration, (3) accurate physical description, (4) number of birds is reasonable, (5) behavior of the birds does not eliminate Whooping Cranes, and (6) good probability that observer would provide reliable report.

Unconfirmed Sighting. Details of the sighting meet some, but not all, of the six factors listed for a probable sighting.

The confirmed sightings are: . . .