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“1986 (Sixty-first) Spring Occurrence Report,” from Nebraska Bird Review (September 1986) 54(3).


Copyright 1986 Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Used by permission.


Three hundred and four species were recorded in this report, from 22 locations, compared to 296 from 22 in 1985, 293 from 13 in 1984, and 288 from 13 in 1983. The numbered columns are essentially spot checks (a one- or two-day visit to an area, or maybe more than one such visit) or unusual birds reported by visitors to the areas. The symbols used in these columns run from a, for January, through z, for July, and so give some guide to the time, although for the specific time and locality the comments for the particular column should be consulted. The average reader can just take the symbol as indicating the species was present.