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"Spring 1991 Whooping Crane Report," in Nebraska Bird Review (September 1991) 59(3): 61-63. Copyright 1991, Nebraska Ornithological Union. Used by permission.


The following is a synopsis of the report from the U.s. Fish and Wildlife Service with regard to Whooping Crane sightings from Spring 1991. The report consists of confirmed, probable, and unconfirmed sightings during the season. These terms are defined in NBR 56:79.

The USFWS states that 135 Whooping Cranes began the spring migration, compared to 142 in 1990. This drop of seven birds represents the first population decrease since 1981. Most confirmed sightings en route to Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada, were made between April 14 and April 23. Overcast skies and low visibility delayed the usual early April migration. Tragically, one Whooping Crane was shot and killed in Bend, Texas. One subadult bird is still at Aransas at last report and is expected to summer there. In Canada, 31 nests had been located on the breeding grounds since early June.

In Nebraska, there were 6 confirmed, 7 probable, and 11 unconfirmed sightings of Whooping Cranes. The table below outlines the Nebraska sightings. Those NOU members interested in further information about these sightir\gs should contact Wally Jobman, USFWS, Fish and Wildlife Enhancement, NE/KS Field Office, 203 W. Second Street, Grand Island, NE 68801.