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"1987 Christmas Count," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1988) 56(1).


Copyright 1988, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.



There were two new reporting areas this year - Loup City, and the Nebraska portion of the Sioux City count. One hundred fourteen species are included in the report, but two of them were only from Loup City and one only from Sioux City, to leave III species from areas that reported 109 species last year. One species was reported present during the count period, but not included in any count last year. This year's report form did not include a tabulation of such species. The total individual count this year was 408,096, with 394,127 from the areas that reported last year. This compares with 279,291 last year, and 124,642 in 1985. Some of the larger differences, with 1987 total first, 1987 comparable areas, and 1986, are: Snow Goose, 36,368, 38168, 61,618; Canada Goose 7,053, 7,015, 18,001; Mallard 89,038, 77,538, 43,393; Crow 1,791, 1,758, 4,222; Robin 10,410, 10407, 213; Starling 33,404, 33,069, 35,364; Red-wings 189,244, 189,140, 80,803; Tree Sparrow 4,268, 3,977, 3,002; House Sparrow 13,483. 13,163, 13,975; sub-total 385,164, 374,235, 260,591; all others 22,882, 19,892, 18,700; total 408,046, 394,127, 279,291.

The columns are arranged in an approximate west (left) to east (right) order, with the northernmost of those with about the same longitude given first. The symbol H is used to indicate a species which was present during the count week, but not recorded on the count day (no longer included in the official report form, but in this case volunteered by Scotts Bluff and Norfolk). Figures which were underlined on the reports are underlined in the table, to indicate high counts. Sightings reported as "species" are not included in the count of species reported if any of that group were reported.

Beaver Valley, center NW corner of Sec. 5, T21N, R7W, 1.5 miles Sand 4 miles W. of Petersburg, including Petersburg, Raeville, Loretto, and Akron (all in northwestern Boone Co.); elevation 1850 to 2150 feet; habitat coverage; farmland 52%, native grassland 40%, bushy swamp 4%, deciduous woods 2%, coniferous woods 1%. shelterbelts 1%; 22 Dec., 7:15 AM to 5:15 PM; Temp. 23° to 38° F.; wind W, 5 - 10 mph, no snow cover; still water partly open, moving water open, AM clear, PM partly cloudy. 6 observers in 1- 2 parties, total party-hours 14, party-miles 68. 6 hours and 8 miles on foot and 8 hours and 60 miles by car. Harlow Butcher, C Zobert Freiberg, Ray Korpi, Wayne J. Mollhoff (compiler). David Stage, Duane Wolff. Mr. Mollhoff commented that there had been no real winter weather prior to count day.