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"1987 (Thirtieth) Fall Occurrence Report," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1988) 56(1).


Copyright 1988, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Two hundred ninety-six species (plus the possibility that the Waterthrush species was a Louisiana, and the Empidonax sp, reported was not one listed) were reported from fourteen "full-time" locations. plus four "spot~check" locations. The figures for 1986 were 293 and one possibility from 13 "full-time" and 4 "spotcheck" locations; 1985 283 and one possibility from 11 "full-time" and 8 "spot-check" locations; 1984 278 from 12 locations.

The information is presented in a rough west (left) to east (right) order. with locations of about the same latitude listed with the northernmost first. Two dates indicate the first and last records for the period.

The symbols used are:

J1. Au. Sp. Ot. No. and Dm for the months.

NR for species reported as probably present, but for which no records were made.

P to indicate a species which is present all of the year. although the same individuals may not be present during the whole year. and the numbers may vary greatly.

(p) for species probably present all year for which few or no records were made during the period.

S - to indicate a species which was present before 1 July and which was reported in the Spring Occurrence Report.

S - W to indicate a species which was reported before 1 July and was still present after 31 December. It is similar to P, but the pattern is not always true.

- W to indicate a species which remained after 31 December (but the lack of such an indication does not necessarily mean the species did not remain).