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The Nebraska Bird Review Vol. 86 No. 1 (2018), pp 21-28


Published by the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union, Inc

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American White Pelican, Wildlife Safari Park, Cass Co., 17 April 2018. Photo by Sheryl Cooley

Trumpeter Swans, Carter Lake, Douglas Co., 1 Jan. 2016. Photo by Brian Peterson.

Bonaparte's Gull, Pawnee Lake SRA, Lancaster Co., 20 June 2018. Photo by Esa Jarvi.

Adult male Longtailed Duck in winter plumage, Carter Lake, Douglas Co., 20 Nov 2017. Photo by Phil Swanson.

Reddish Egret, Platte River bridge, Alda, Hall Co., 24 June 2018. Photo by John Carlini.

Adult Blackcrowned Night Heron, northeast of Lakeside, Sheridan Co., 3 July 2017. Photo by Thomas Gannon.

Juvenile Yellowcrowned Night Heron, Holmes Lake, Lancaster Co., 24 July 2018. Photo by Joel Jorgensen.

Fulvous Whistling Ducks, Wagon Train SRA, Lancaster Co., 8 June 2018. Photo by Duane Schwery.

Indigo Bunting, Jones Canyon Road east of Burwell, Garfield Co., 20 May 2018. Photo by Robert Gerten.

Grasshopper Sparrow, Brown Co., 10 June 2018. Photo by Jan Johnson.

Adult male Baybreasted Warbler, photographer's yard, Sarpy Co., 15 May 2018. Photo by Phil Swanson.

Red Crossbill, photographer's yard near Denton, Lancaster Co., 19 Jan. 2018. Photo by Joe Gubanyi.

Merlin, northwest of Wood Lake, Cherry Co., 6 Sept. 2016. Photo by GordonWarrick.

Light morph juvenile Roughlegged Hawk at entrance to Boyer Chute NWR,Washington Co., 6 Jan 2018 Photo by Phil Swanson. .

Snowy Owl, I-680 and Maple, Omaha, Douglas Co., Jan. 2018. Photo by Mike Schilmoeller.

Male 25-day-old nestling American Kestrel, near fledging, Oak GlenWMA, Seward Co., 27 June 2018. Photo by Joe Gubanyi.

Female yellowshafted Northern Flicker, photographer's yard, southcentral Omaha, Douglas Co., 24 July 2018. Photo by Patsy McQuade.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird feeding on Black and Blue Salvia in the photographer's yard, Millard, Douglas Co., 20 Aug. 2018. Photo by Rachel Hall.

Calliope Hummingbird feeding on Large Firecracker Plant, Utica, Seward Co., 6 Aug. 2018. Photo by Joel Jorgensen.

Redheaded Woodpecker, Spring Creek Prairie, Lancaster Co., 30 May 2018. Photo by Eric Bents.

Eastern Kingbirds with Eastern Pondhawk, Heron Haven, Omaha, Douglas Co., 28 July 2018. Photo by Brian Peterson.

Orange-crowned Warbler feeding in plum thicket, Holmes Lake, Lincoln, Lancaster Co., 2 May 2018. Photo by Cheryl Samusevich

Swainson's Warbler, Wilderness Park, Lincoln, Lancaster Co., 15 May 2018. Photo by John Carlini.

Female Orchard Oriole, photographer's yard, midtown Omaha, Douglas Co., 14 May 2018. Photo by Craig Crews

American Woodcock, American Heros Park, Bellevue, Sarpy Co., 14 May 2018. Photo by Loren Padelford.

Cliff Swallow, Yutan water treatment plant, Saunders Co., 29 July 2017. Photo by Brian Peterson.

American Robin adult feeding cicada to juvenile, photographer's deck, Millard, Douglas Co., 13 May 2018. Photo by Rachel Hall.

White-winged Dove in photographer's yard, Fremont, Dodge Co., 14 May 2018. Photo by Gary Roberts

Immature Little Blue Heron, Heron Haven, Omaha, Douglas Co., 13 May 2018. Photo by Brian Peterson

American Avocet eating a fish, Tamora WMA, Seward Co., 21 April 2018. Photo by Babs Padelford.

Green Heron, Pioneers Park, Lincoln, Lancaster Co., 4 May 2018. Photo by John Carlini.

American Bittern, Crescent Lake NWR, Garden Co., 17 May 2018. Photo by Clem Klaphake.