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Clausen, "Nebraska Natural Heritage Program Request for Help," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 1989) 57(2).


Copyright 1989, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The Nebraska Natural Heritage Program is a computer-assisted inventory of rare or uncommon plants, animals, and communities in Nebraska. This information is used to help establish protection priorities, land protection, species review, impact assessment, research, and for education. We are currently operating under a two-year contract between the Nature Conservancy and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Our office is in the Nebraska Game and Parks building in Lincoln. We have a full-time staff consisting of a Botanist, Zoologist, and Community Ecologist,

As the Zoologist for the Program, I would like to solicit the help of NOU members. Currently, I am tracking information on 67 species of birds (see list). Next to each species on the list is a code indicating the type of information being recorded for that particular species. If you have or obtain information which meets these specification on any of the birds on this list please send me as much of the following information as you have: SPECIES, OBSERVER'S NAME, OBSERVATION DATE, LOCATION (AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE, TOWNSHIP, RANGE, SECTION IF AVAILABLE), HABITAT DESCRIPTION, POPULATION INFORMATION.