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The Nebraska Bird Review Vol. 87 No. 3 (2019), pp 74-95


Published by the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union, Inc.


There was a lot to ponder this summer, including several notable breeding records of waterbirds, including the 3rd for Canvasback and an “unprecedented” breeding season for Eared Grebe in the Rainwater Basin. Intriguing summer occurrences that might presage or indicate nesting were large numbers of Redhead and Ring-necked Duck in larger wetlands, the 3rd Jun record of Dusky Flycatcher, first Jun record of Baird’s Sparrow, 3rd summer record of Ash-throated Flycatcher, and a Sage Thrasher in Jun in Kimball County. Additional breeding records of interest were the 10 Peregrine Falcons fledged at three Omaha sites, possible nesting by Mississippi Kites in Lincoln, and the 3rd year of reported breeding by Pygmy Nuthatch at NNF Bessey, Thomas County. Also of interest were several well-documented reports from the Panhandle of subspecies rare in Nebraska: Hairy Woodpecker, Swainson’s Thrush, and Spotted Towhee. Unexpected westerly sightings were Northern Bobwhites away from the North Platte River Valley in Scotts Bluff County, 7th spring Green Heron in the Panhandle, and 2nd Carolina Wren for the Panhandle. Most notable rarity was a young male Anna’s Hummingbird photographed in Jun in Scotts Bluff County; there are very few reports of this species Jun-Jul anywhere east of the Rockies. Also in Scotts Bluff County there were no fewer than six Blackchinned Hummingbirds reported, bringing the state total to 13. Interesting was a photographed putative hybrid Tufted x Ring-necked Duck in Cherry County, a leucistic, mostly white, Eared Grebe in the Rainwater Basin, and the 4th summer record of Greater Scaup.