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The Nebraska Bird Review, Volume 89 March 2021 Number 1, pp. 21-28.


Published by the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union, Inc.


Our photo theme this year is species with the word “red” in their common names. For this "Red Challenge", "red" must be used to mean the color red, but the birds don't actually have to display any red to qualify. Examples appear on the next five pages of photos.

Redheaded Woodpecker in Knox Co., 28 July 2020. Photo by Mark Brogie.

Rednaped Sapsucker male at Plum Creek Valley WMA, Brown Co., 16 Sept. 2018. Photo by Mary Clausen.

Redbellied Woodpecker female, photographer's yard, Wahoo, Saunders Co., 14 Feb. 2021. Photo by Joe Freeborn.

Northern Flicker male, western "redshafted" subspecies, Seward Co., 4 January 2021. Photo by Linda Gierke. [honorary Red Challenge species]

Redwinged Blackbird chasing Redtailed Hawk, Omaha, Douglas Co., 15 May 2021. Photo by Mark Collins.

Common Redpoll, photographer's yard, Omaha, Douglas Co., 24 March 2018. Photo by Rachel Hall.

Krider's Redtailed Hawk, Holmes Lake, Lincoln, Lancaster Co., 19 Sept. 2020. Photo by Kim Hill.

Redwinged Blackbird, Fremont Lakes SRA, Dodge Co., 2 May 2021. Photo by Ken Shuster

Redeyed Vireo, Branched Oak Lake, Lancaster Co., 29 May 2020. Photo by Tom Gannon.

American Redstart male, Fontenelle Forest, Sarpy Co., 17 May 2017. Photo by John Carlini.

Redeyed Vireo with mosaic darner in photographer's yard, Wayne, Wayne Co., 13 Sept. 2020. Photo by Ed Brogie.

American Redstart female in Papillion, Sarpy Co., 21 May 2020. Photo by Mary Clausen.

Redthroated Loon, Conestoga Lake, Lancaster Co., 30 Oct. 2020. Photo by John Carlini.

Red Phalarope, Enders Res., Chase Co., 12 Sept. 2020. Photo by Elizabeth Winter.

Female Rednecked Phalarope, Oak Lake Park, Lancaster Co., 22 May 2020. Photo by Colleen Childers.

Juvenile Rednecked Phalarope, Tamora WPA, Seward Co., 6 Aug. 2017. Photo by Elizabeth Winter

Red Crossbill male,Wildcat Hills Nature Center, Scotts Bluff Co., 27 Nov. 2020. Photo by Boni Edwards.

Red Crossbill female, Ft. Niobrara NWR, Cherry Co., 24 Dec. 2020. Photo by GordonWarrick.

Redbreasted Nuthatch male, photographer's yard, Omaha, Douglas Co., 3 Oct. 2020. Photo by Thane Dinsdale.

Redbreasted Nuthatch female, photographer's yard, Lincoln, Lancaster Co., 29 Jan. 2011. Photo by Cheryl Samusevich.

Sora, Straight Water WMA, Seward Co., 13 May 2021. Photo by Sonja Brandt.

Mallard male,Walnut Creek Rec. Area, Sarpy Co., 13 April 2021. Photo by Donna Gray.

Virginia Rail with young, NW of Cairo, Hall Co., 7 July 2021. Photo by Colleen Childers.

Cliff Swallows, Alda crane viewing bridge, Hall Co., 26 May 2021. Photo by JayDee Flohr.

Willets, Lake North, Platte Co., 27 April 2021. Photo by Rita Flohr.

Willow Flycatcher, Frank Shoemaker Marsh, Lancaster Co., 31 May 2021. Identified by moderate primary projection, pale eyering, and voice. Photo by Loren Padelford.

Bluegray Gnatcatcher, Flanagan Lake, Omaha, Douglas Co., 29 April 2021. Photo by Eric Bents.

Canada Warbler, photographer's yard, Papillion, Sarpy Co., 29 Aug. 2020. Photo by Phil Swanson.

Rosebreasted Grosbeak female, Oak GlenWMA, Seward Co., 13 May 2021. Photo by Shiloh Richters.

KentuckyWarbler, Indian Cave SP, Richardson Co., 30 June 2020. Photo by Rita Flohr.

Upland Sandpiper, Furnas Co., 24 June 2021. Photo by Theresa Pella.

Rufous morph Swainson's Hawk, Boyer Chute, Washington Co., 22 April 2021. Photo by Phil Swanson

Green Heron, Conestoga Lake, Lancaster Co., 10 May 2021. Photo by Esa Jarvi.

Barred Owl, Seward Co., 21 March 2019. Photo by Cheryl Dickerson

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