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The Nebraska Bird Review, Volume 89 Number 4, December 202, pp. 172-174


Published by the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union, Inc.


This book summarizes a lifetime of investigation of Nebraska’s breeding birds by Wayne Mollhoff. Even though I say the book summarizes a lifetime of investigation, I would not be surprised if Wayne resurfaces in a few years with a follow-up of some sort, intrepid investigator that he is. Over the years Wayne has spent innumerable days in the field climbing trees in full forestry gear, wading and kayaking marshes and rivers, hiking over prairies, and bushwhacking through dense forests (there are still a few in Nebraska). But this isn’t the totality of Wayne’s talents; he is a determined researcher with many important contacts in wildlife conservation and at various museum collections that have led to his unearthing numerous new and significant nest records that are presented in this book.