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The Nebraska Bird Review, Vol. 90 No. 3 , pp. 113-122


Published by the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union, Inc.


The functions and methods of the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union Records Committee (NOURC) are described in its bylaws (NOURC 2010). The committee’s purpose is to provide a procedure for documenting unusual bird sightings and to establish a list of all documented birds for Nebraska. Species for which the NOURC seeks documentation (NOURC Review List) can be found at the NOU website Starting in 2020, the NOURC decided to deal mainly with those species deemed as Accidental on the “Official List of the Birds of Nebraska”. Casual species and out-of- range species are now summarized in the “Seasonal Reports” of the Nebraska Bird Review and will be evaluated by Nebraska e-Bird reviewers (if submitted on that platform). All records mentioned here are available to interested persons at the NOU archives at the University of Nebraska State Museum (UNSM), Lincoln, NE. Interested parties should contact the current NOU Librarian, whose address can be found in the latest issue of The Nebraska Bird Review (NBR).

2021 Additions/Deletions to the "Official List of the Birds of Nebraska”: One new species was added in 2021. Broad-billed Hummingbird (Cynanthus latirostris) A female bird was photographed (Class 1-P, CS) 15 May 2021 at Wilderness Park, Lancaster Co. Accession # 2298. The above bird was rediscovered and photographed (Class 1-P, JGJ), (Class 1-P, MW) later in the afternoon. Accession # 2299; Accession # 2300. With this addition the “Official List of the Birds of Nebraska” stands at 466 species.